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Goat App

Postby Goatbane » Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:14 am

Boring Questions We Have to Ask:

What is your character name?
How much do you typically play Sun-Thurs? (Weekends are for partying, except during early release)
At least a few hours a day
What is your age?
Do you have a working mic to talk on TS3?
Do you know any of our members from a previous game or real life (list who)?
Guapo and Cruja (real life brothers) Also Tayosis
How long have you played MMORPGs?
Since EQ
What games?
EQ, DAoC, EvE, WoW, Star Wars Galaxies and any other game worth it's salt.


Which level founder are you?
Patron status
What class do you aim to ultimately play? (If you're not sure, give us an idea of your trees or role(s) you'd like to fill)
Do you usually craft? If so, what's your focus?
Don't have plans to craft
Why do you think you'd fit well with our tight crew of PvPers?
Cause I can press buttons gud.

Haiku--PfB Tribute:

Nimble feet on a hill
Goatbane stands still, ready to kill
More goats now lie still

In haiku format, why do you want to join GA and/or why do you think you're the type of player that GA should admit? THIS MUST BE ANSWERED.
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Re: Goat App

Postby Tayosis » Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:07 am

Sooo...can we get these 3 tagged?

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