Stern's (guest) application

If you need access to a private forum, you make your case here.
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Stern's (guest) application

Postby Stern » Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:38 pm

Boring Questions We Have to Ask:
What is your character name?


How much do you typically play Sun-Thurs? (Weekends are for partying, except during early release)

1-2 hours/day (depending on work on-call schedule)

What is your age?


Do you have a working mic to talk on TS3?


Do you know any of our members from a previous game or real life (list who)?

Vail, obviously (i.e. she's my wife); Ironpawn

How long have you played MMORPGs?

nearly 14 years

Which level founder are you?

Subscriber only

What class do you aim to ultimately play? (If you're not sure, give us an idea of your trees or role(s) you'd like to fill)


Do you usually craft? If so, what's your focus?

Yes; armor/weapons

Why do you think you'd fit well with our tight crew of PvPers?

Actually, I'd just like cadet/guest status (i.e. TS access) so that I can actually interact with Vail once and a while; I will assist in any activity possible when I'm online - crafting, running about with a backpack, throwing myself on the enemy to die heroically, as you like...

Haiku--PfB Tribute:
In haiku format, why do you want to join GA and/or why do you think you're the type of player that GA should admit? THIS MUST BE ANSWERED.

A guest only I wish
To be merely to hang out
With my wife and help
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Re: Stern's (guest) application

Postby Permafrost » Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:04 pm

So sorry! I meant to take care of this today and then I had a rough end and completely forgot. Should be set now.
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