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Postby Arda » Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:00 pm

Boring Questions We Have to Ask:
What is your character name? Arda
How much do you typically play Sun-Thurs? (Weekends are for partying, except during early release): Monday-Thursday I can only play for 4-5ish hours because of work but other than that I'm usually pretty free barring any rare venture into the sunlight for food and human interaction this happens because I like to grow a neckbeard over the weekend because it increases my dps by at least 2 points.
What is your age? 22
Do you have a working mic to talk on TS3? Yup
Do you know any of our members from a previous game or real life (list who)? Nope, I've been looking around at the guilds on Ollo and Ganked Again spiked my interest, but I don't know anyone at all in the guild.
How long have you played MMORPGs? About 7 years now.

Which level founder are you? Archeum
What class do you aim to ultimately play? (If you're not sure, give us an idea of your trees or role(s) you'd like to fill): Eidolon
Do you usually craft? If so, what's your focus? I don't usually craft, in ArcheAge I like to stick to mining, farming, e.t.c.
Why do you think you'd fit well with our tight crew of PvPers? I absolutely adore coordinated group pvp, being with a group of friends who can rely on each other and know exactly each other's stengths/weaknesses is the best experience an MMO can offer to me and from what I've seen Ganked Again already offers that and I just hope that I can fit in well.

Haiku--PfB Tribute:
In haiku format, why do you want to join GA and/or why do you think you're the type of player that GA should admit? THIS MUST BE ANSWERED.
Hail and well met friend
Looks like you were ganked again
Better luck next time!

EDIT: Forgot to say that I didn't enter my TS unique ID because I'm currently at work.
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Re: Application

Postby Acid » Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:19 pm

What level are you ? How far are you on Hasla and just curious if you've seen us in game at all what may have sparked your interest.
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Re: Application

Postby Tayosis » Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:20 pm

Great haiku.
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Re: Application

Postby Arda » Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:36 pm

Acid wrote:What level are you ? How far are you on Hasla and just curious if you've seen us in game at all what may have sparked your interest.

I'm extremely low level, just started this past weekend. Due to some family issues IRL the week I took off for ArcheAge release turned into flying back home. I 100% understand if this keeps me from being able to join, if anything I can come back whenever I hit 50.

I found your recruitment post on the AA forums and I have some friends that play AA as well that have told me about you guys, normally in small groups but very skilled, those friends are on the East side though and I prefer the West. Figured that while I am low level I'd try and join now and get to know you guys as I leveled up.
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Re: Application

Postby Permafrost » Wed Oct 01, 2014 1:09 pm

Getting to 50 is probably the best course for right now. As it is way too easy for ne'er-do-wells to stir up trouble in AA, I'm not going to let many unfamiliar faces have access to what we've amassed.
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