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App for Peerce

Postby Peerce » Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:13 am

Boring Questions We Have to Ask:

What is your character name and @ ID? Peerce @mindless1
What is your time zone? Central Daylight
How much do you typically play Sun-Thurs? (Weekends are for partying) Quite a bit depending on hospital schedule.
What is your age? Not relevant
Do you have a working mic to talk on TS3? Yes
Do you know any of our members from a previous game or real life? No

Elder Scrolls:

What class do you play? What level? Dragonknight, currently 46
Do you craft? If so, what's your focus? Alchemy 40, Blacksmithing 25, Enchanting 14
Why do you think you'd fit well with our tight crew of PvPers? Willing to learn, dont mind dying as the junior mascot.

Problem Solving:
Ross is a mythical computer sage made of Cheetos and expired Diet Red Bull. How long will it take him to complete his world domination? Hint: he most certainly will not be taking any detours to actually talk to real girls.
Longer than expected due to frequent trips to recycle the greasy cheetos and red bull, probably gonna be afk a lot.

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