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Hi there

Postby Nohvah » Fri Jun 06, 2014 4:52 pm

I was just looking at ESO GUILDS subreddit and saw a post from you guys. First, I am on mobile so I apologize if I missed forum rules, but I wanted to apply my wife and I to join your guild. We were looking for pretty much anything but this is why we love you:
1. We were avid Daoc players representing Midgard.
2. We played Wow from second beta through end of first raids in Pandaren but still touted daoc pvp to rule video games.
3. We love hard core players that playfully beat each other up. We were in a very tight knit guild but they are now playing wildstar. We only appreciate hard core up to the point before people's egos ruin the game experience. We consider great hard core to be tenacious evenings where we won't lose a keep no matter how many times we have to take it back, trials are accomplished after sometimes, many tries until victory is won or you realize the collective better start farming more gear. If all guild mates can participate and nobody is intentionally left out, we like what we see in you guys.

I am @djcalico and my wife is @melaa24. We are both almost VR2. I am pvp spec DK pyromage and she is cannon sorc. Dark/destro.

I hope we are considered to join your ranks and we greatly appreciate your time in r reading this. I did not see what faction you were associated with or if you take all, but we are AD. We would be able to re-roll if necessary.

Thank you again and hope to hear back soon!

Drew (Nohvah)
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Re: Hi there

Postby Ross » Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:28 pm

You should probably look in the App forum.
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