8v8 Minstrel

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8v8 Minstrel

Postby Permafrost » Fri Mar 07, 2008 2:26 pm

acu 82
con 101
pwr 17
dex 67
hits 316
matter 7
energy 25
spirit 10
heat 23
body 27
crush 27
slash 25
thrust 25

chest:: 19 char 28 con 44 hits 7body sigil
arms:: 28 char 9energy 9heat 3body sigil
helm:: 22 char 9cold 9 energy 7 heat sigil
gloves:: 13acu 13con 11crush 9 thrust sigil
boots:: 25dex 76hits 5cold 7 slash dragonsworn

darkspire ringed leggings
Construct Forged Ring
Construct Forged Ring
Darkspire Tempered Ring
Darkspire Tempered Ring
Ancient Copper Necklace
Gem of Spirit Abhorrent
Mantle of the Entombed
Spirit Bound Demonic Belt
Upsilon Harp
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