Who the **** is Ganked Again?

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Who the **** is Ganked Again?

Postby Permafrost » Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:33 am

Guildname/Tag: Ganked Again <GA>
Website: http://gankedagain.com
Alliance: TBA
Timezone: NA EST/CST (Late nights runs are common, especially in early release, but not required)
Focus: PvP, Crafting, Territory Disruption
Voice Chat: TS3, Mic Required
Guild Leader: Permafrost
Officers: Ross, Garibold, Leaok

Ganked Again is a tight-knit PvP guild formed in 2003. Our foundation was built by well-respected players & officers from The Combine, one of the most dominant MMORPG guilds of the previous generation. As The Combine grew to larger sizes, GA was established to focus on more distilled, elitist PvP. We spent the majority of our efforts in the 2000s enjoying the DAoC 8vX scene on both ToA and Classic rulesets. Following that, we’ve been a dominant force in each game we have played, ranging from The Secret World to TERA. Last year, we put a hardcore effort into ESO & AA, hoping their open world combat would finally be a true successor to Camelot. Unfortunately, as most will attest, both were riddled by game-breaking bugs and easily exploitable systems. As such, we now turn our attention to Albion.

As one might surmise from this intro, our number one priority is to engage groups of our size and larger in open field skirmishes. It is our belief that hiding in a zerg allows for people to play far too casually; it allows people to make mistakes without proper repercussions. Members of GA are expected to be maximizing their fullest potential at all times. Those who cannot get the "HEART OF ICE." While we do not actively seek out massive zerg battles, we do contribute to capturing larger resources/territory in order to assist guilds with which we may be allied.

We run PvP every single night starting about 8pm EST. Many in the guild log around midnight, but we also have a late night crew who continues the fun.

In terms of PvE, we are not known as raiders. We contributed to raiding guilds during vanilla WoW and the WotLK expansion, but that time commitment takes away from the hours that should be spent killing our enemies. While our members were once students with nothing better to do, we're now respected professionals (even Gari, although he hates to admit it) in fields varying from education to programming to the military. Our time is precious and that time is meant for PvP. We also don't like quests, unless they reward one with required gear. We'd much rather grind, grind, grind--think AC1, DAoC or TERA.

However, it is expected for GA members to run nearly (if not fully) maximized gear builds. As such, we place an immense emphasis on crafting and market manipulation. Our guild organizes and allocates resources to sustain top tier crafters as expediently as game mechanics permit.

Alliance in Albion
Currently, we are entering the game without an alliance. One major goal for the Summer session is for us to determine if a mutually advantageous relationship exists. You can contact any officer for further information

As Summer alpha begins, our current members will begin playing and hopefully enjoying the hell out of Albion. Should we decide to open recruitment, an application will be posted on our website. We expect any prospective member to fully complete it and wait for a response from one of our officers. At that time, applicants will receive a grace period in which we'll determine if they fit well into our unique scene. This grace period varies by one's time commitment, play-skill and dedication to guild efforts. If all goes well, the members will approve your full status.

Fair warning: We absolutely love to give everyone a hard time. This includes guild-mates, opponents, chat trolls, people in vent/mumble/TS, idiots on forums... you name it. It’s just how we roll. If you can’t handle that, we’re definitely not the crowd for you.
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