July Update

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July Update

Postby Permafrost » Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:10 am

I'll say it: Secret World is the best MMO released in years. I enjoyed WoW's Wrath of the Lich King Expansion (2008), but hated the first expansion and the initial game. So if that doesn't count, you probably have to go all the way back to Guild Wars 1 (2005!!!!) to find the last great game. Two immediate reactions: One, the MMORPG genre has been pathetically lazy and buggy for far too long. Two, whoever ran TSW beta deserves a congressional medal. No more than a few months ago, TSW was a hunk of garbage that was going to release in worse shape than Age of Conan. Kudos all around.

We're also one month away from GW2 launch. So if you're keeping score, we had a drought of about seven years--7 long years without a great game! Now, we're about to get two in the Summer of 2012 alone.

This last month is also potentially the final lap for DAoC; it's no secret that GW2 can likely put the nail in the coffin of the greatest MMORPG of all time. If it doesn't, then DAoC will NEEEEEVER die. We continue to run on Mid, but we're discussing one last go around in Hibernia. That's the way I'd like to go out. Recently, Dave became the first of our crew to hit RR12 on ONE TOON (his skald). If you know anything about how we obsessively rerolled and kept fluid group comps, that's an epic achievement. Major congratulations!

This is the most glowingly positive monthly update I have ever done. No doubt, something wretched is going to happen. In closing, I'll attach the leaderboards of our PvP Domination:
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