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May Update

Postby Permafrost » Sun May 20, 2012 3:09 pm

The school year is almost over; dear god, let Guild Wars 2 release during summer vacation!

Main page has been pretty silent since the first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, because... well... legally, there's not much going on that I am allowed to post. We're just looking forward to the next big release. Due to the fact The Secret World is a god damn nightmare, that means GW2 is the next big fish.

When a game gets tested, they make us sign these handy documents called Non-Disclosure Agreements which essentially say I can't even let my dying grandmother know what games I'm playing, let alone any details about them. When that happens and we're only looking forward to a new game (not playing one), then there's not much about which to post.

The only game of note to be released is Diablo III. A lot of the internet is swept up in that, but as I decided not to play it, I cannot comment on much other than what I read. Interestingly, everyone I know who plays is MUCH, MUCH more excited about it than the comments I see which almost universally revile the launch and/or the game.
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